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Little Ninjas

Fun! Dynamic! Engaging! Our 30 minute Little Ninjas classes are a great way to introduce preschoolers to the art of Karate

About the Program

Little Ninjas is designed specifically with preschoolers in mind! These dynamic 30 minute classes will help your child develop strong skill in Focus, Coordination, Balance, Control, Discipline, Teamwork, Memory and Fitness. Karate themed activities and drills allow your child to also get a strong foundation in the basics of our style of karate, Wado-Ryu.


Who Takes the Program

This program is perfect for children ages 3 to 5


Schedule & Program Details

Class times:

Daniel Island Dojo

Tuesday @ 5:30PM

Saturday @ 9:00AM


Clements Ferry Dojo:

Monday @ 4:30PM

Friday @ 5:30PM



Pay As You Go: $90/month (requires $35 Registration Fee*)

Auto-Draft: $75/month (Requires $35 Registration Fee*)

3 Month Pre-pay**: $195 ($65/month Rate + includes free uniform***)

6 Month Pre-pay**: $360 ($60/month Rate + includes free uniform & t-shirt***)

9 Month Pre-pay**: $540 ($60/month Rate + includes free uniform & t-shirt***)

12 Month Pre-pay**: $605 ($55/month Rate + free month, free uniform & t-shirt)


* Registration fee includes uniform and t-shirt

** Pre-paid Enrollments do not require Registration Fee

***ONLY for initial Enrollment. Not applicable to renewals 

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