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Total Adult Karate

This dynamic, challenging and practical class combines the Art of Wado Ryu Karate with Pressure Point Self Defense and full body fitness.

About the Program

Track for belts in both Wado-Ryu karate and the American Pressure Point Self Defense system. These 90 minute classes combine elements of both of these arts as well as full body fitness to offer the student a comprehensive martial arts experience


Who Takes the Program

Perfect for adults aged 16 or older. Appropriate for all levels of fitness and flexibility.


Schedule & Program Details

Tuesday & Thursday @ 7:00PM

Wednesday @ 6:30PM



Pay As You Go: $125/month (requires $50 Registration Fee*)

Auto-Draft: $110/month (Requires 50 Registration Fee*)

3 Month Pre-pay**: $300 ($100/month Rate + includes free uniform***)

6 Month Pre-pay**: $570 ($95/month Rate + includes free uniform, t-shirt***)

9 Month Pre-pay**: $855 ($95/month Rate + includes free uniform, t-shirt***)

12 Month Pre-pay**: $990 ($90/month Rate + free month, free uniform, t-shirt, handpads)


* Registration fee includes uniform, t-shirt & hand pads

** Pre-paid Enrollments do not require Registration Fee

***ONLY for initial Enrollment. Not applicable to renewals 

Have questions about choosing the right program, or want to find out more information about the programs, please feel free to contact us.

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